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Peak Alexander Technique
Gillian Pierce  Msc MSTAT
The Alexander Technique - What is it?

The Alexander Technique is a self-help method of re-educating your body to regain the natural poise, balance and freedom of thought and movement you had as a child. It can also lead to a calmer, more balanced frame of mind and can help you cope better with stressful situations.
Peak Alexander Technique - Gillian Pierce Alexander Technique Teacher
Life can be stressful, both emotionally and physically. We respond by creating and accumulating muscular tension, which we hold. This pattern of tension eventually becomes our habit. The Alexander Technique is a way to overcome these habits. Life becomes easier and overall health and functioning improve.
The Alexander teacher helps you to observe everyday movements and to perform them efficiently with appropriate effort and less strain. After a course of lessons, if you continue to use the technique, then you will continue to reap the benefits. You have learned a skill for life.
A clinical trial of the effectiveness of individual Alexander Technique lessons with a STAT registered teacher (Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique) conducted by The BMJ in August 2008 demonstrated significant long term benefit for patients with back pain: “the Technique reduces pain and muscle spasm, improves co-ordination and flexibility and strengthens postural muscles.” You can watch the videos of the trial produced by the BMJ below:
Alexander Technique Pt.2 - BMJ
Alexander Technique Pt.1 - BMJ