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Peak Alexander Technique
Gillian Pierce  Msc MSTAT
Alexander Technique Lessons with Gillian Pierce giving an Alexander Technique Lesson
The Alexander Technique - Can it help?

People of all ages and any state of health can benefit from learning and applying the Alexander Technique.
For Back, Shoulder and Neck problems
Regular lessons with an Alexander Teacher are proven to control pain. Full details of the recent randomised clinical trial conducted by The BMJ can be found at - for scoliosis visit the website
Look and Feel Younger
Stiffness, lack of mobility and arthritic conditions can be prevented or reduced. Daily life becomes easier and there is an overall increase in energy. The risk of falling is reduced. Those with osteoporosis or Parkinsons Disease learn to cope more effectively.
In Business
You can learn how to reduce the strain on your body while using a computer.
New Mums
Learn how to touch and pick up your baby. Your inner calm and reassurance will be good for both of you.
After Manipulation
After manipulation your physio, osteopath or chiropractor may recommend the Alexander Technique. By analysing the way you move and re-training your body to move in a more efficient way, the harmful habits that were the underlying cause can be reduced which reduces the risk of a relapse.
Applying the Alexander Technique reduces physical and emotional tension, alleviating any condition where excessive muscular effort or tension is a factor, e.g. headaches, some cases of migraine and some breathing problems.
Musicians and Actors
Both instrumentalists and singers can improve their performance. Alexander himself devised the technique to help his voice when acting. Many famous performers use the technique.
Exercise and Sport
The technique is used by top sportsmen and women to improve performance and reduced the risk of injury. It can be applied to every area of physical activity: your gym workout, Pilates, riding and your daily walk.